Tips of the Day

These are some tips we share about how to take care our environment

1. “Reuse water from the washing machine by collecting it in a bucket and using it to wash toilet floors and flush toilets”

2. “Water used to wash rice and vegetables can be reused to water plants”

3. “Get the family to work together in one room, that way the family spends time together and keeps the electricity bills low”

4. “Place your desk and other work areas near windows to maximize on natural ventilation and light”

5. “Use a pail of water instead of the shower for a bath”

Take Care of The Earth Before It’s Gone

“Over consumption is the main adversary of sustainability. I cringe thinking about the number of plastic bags Subway dispenses in a day at the Compton Union Building, the amount of paper used for assignments, and the number of bottled waters distributed during the all-campus picnic. These are all massive quantities, yet not completely avoidable. Hence, the key focus of sustainability is living within our means, and most importantly, thinking before acting.”

Denise Chin, a fellow EPSM volunteer wrote an article published in The Daily Evergreen advocating the importance of living sustainably. She has certainly done well to advocate sustainable living in her campus, and we congratulate her and wish her well. Below is the link to the full article:

Take care of the earth before it is gone