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There are 19 questions grouped into 6 categories. Please answer all the questions by selecting the answer under each question.
1. Home
Q1. How many people live in your household?
a. 130
b. 225
c. 320
d. 415
e. 510
Q2. How many individual taps and toilets do you have in your home?
a. less than 35
b. 3-510
c. 6-815
d. 8-1020
e. 10+25
2. Food
Q3. How many meals per week do you eat with meat or fish?
a. 00
b. 1-310
c. 4-620
d. 7-1035
e. 10+50
Q4. How many home-made meals do you eat per week (including those you bring to school or work)?
a. under 1025
b. 10-1420
c. 14-1815
d. 18+10
Q5. When purchasing your food items, do your family and you try to buy locally produced goods?
a. Yes25
b. No125
c. Sometimes50
d. Rarely100
e. Don't know75
Q6. When purchasing your food, do you frequently take plastic bag or have the food packed in polystyrene?
a. All the time10
b. Sometimes6
c. Not at all0
3. Transportation
Q7. If you or your family own vehicles, what type are they?
(Please enter the number of vehicle of that type in the textbox)
b.Small-compact (e.g. kancil)35
c.Mid-sized (e.g. proton)60
d.Full-sized (e.g. perdana)75
e.SUV or Van100
Q8. How do you get to school/work?
a. Car50
b. Public Transport20
c. Walk0
d. Bike0
Q9. How many trips do you make per week on public transport for which you would have otherwise used a car?
a. 050
b. 1-540
c. 6-1030
d. 11-1520
e. 15+10
Q10. Where did you go on vacation in the last year?
a. No vacation0
b. In the state10
c. Another state30
d. To the Southeast Asian countries40
4. Outside Southeast Asian countries70
Q11. How many weekend trips or 'balik kampung' trips do you take by car?
a. 00
b. 1-310
c. 4-620
d. 7-930
d. 9+40
4. Purchases
Q12. How many large purchases (e.g., stereo, TV, VCR, computer, car furniture, etc.) Has your household made in the past year?
a. 00
b. 1-315
c. 4-630
d. 6+45
5. Energy Consumption
Q13. Have you bought any energy efficient products in the past year (e.g., light bulbs, fridges, air conditioner, toilets)?
a. Yes0
b. No25
Q14. Do you switch off the electrical appliances (E.g. lights, fan, computer, air conditioner) when not in use?
a. Most of the time (forgot)15
b. Sometimes20
c. Not at all 25
d. All the time0
Q15. Do you use the lift instead of staircase in a building less than 6 storey high?
a. All the time5
b. Sometime3
c. Only use the stairs0
6. Waste
Q16. Does your household try to reduce the amount of waste created in the house (E.g. buying food in bulk, refusing junk mail/flyers, using reusable containers for storage, using natural cleaners) ?
a. Always0
b. Sometimes10
c. Rarely15
d. Never20
Does your household compost?
a. Always0
b. Sometimes10
c. Rarely15
d. Never20
Q18. Does your household recycle newspapers, cardboard/ boxboard/ pizza boxes, document paper, aluminum cans, glass/ plastic bottles and other materials?
a. Always0
b. Sometimes10
c. Rarely15
d. Never20
Q19. How many garbage bags of waste do you set out for pick-up each week?
a. 00
b. One, half full5
c. 110
d. 220
e. 2+30
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More than 750 More than 10.0

Ecological Footprint Ranking (2005)
CountryEcological Footprint (Hectares per person)
United States 9.4
Canada 7.1
Ireland 6.3
United Kingdom 5.3
France 4.9
Italy 4.8
Portugal 4.4
Singapore 4.2
Mexico 3.4
World Average 2.7
*Malaysia 2.4
Costa Rica 2.3
Earth's Total Productive Area 2.1
Egypt 1.7
India 0.9
Bangladesh 0.6
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