Ecological Footprint & Sustainable Living in Malaysia (SLiM)

Project Date: June 2007

Ecological Footprint & Sustainable Living in Malaysia (SLiM) 2007 aims to achieve following objectives:

-Promote the overarching goal for (ecologically) sustainable development in Malaysia by raising awareness for a national goal.

-Connect with the global agenda for sustainable development by re-visiting the UNCED Documents 1992 (Rio Declaration and Agenda 21).

-Take cognizance of the current state of our planet as reflected in the WWF International Living Planet Report 2006.

-Consider the overall implications of growing urbanization in Malaysia and the path for urban development in the 21st century. SLiM 2007 aims to contribute promoting and raising environmental awareness for environmentally responsible lifestyle among Malaysians and towards the effort of the Government protecting our environment. To honor Malaysia’s nationhood. To ensure a more sustainable years ahead and beyond. And to show our leaders that we value our environment enough to protect it.

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