EPSM 36th Anniversary celebration- Envirowalk


The EnviroWalk is a safe and fun activity that allows participants to appreciate the environment along the route. By observing and noting the positive and negative aspects of the environment, participants make suggestion to improve it.

The EnviroWalk 2010 is held as one of the activities in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Society Malaysia, (EPSM)’s 36th Anniversary Celebration which falls every year on the January 11th.

This 36th Anniversary was celebrated with a series of events starting with the EnviroWalk in Petaling Jaya New Town. This was followed with an Appreciation Vegetarian Lunch at The Pure Life Society at Jalan Puchong.
Area of Activity: Section 52, Petaling Jaya. (Petaling Jaya New Town area)

Note: It starts and finish at the Civic Centre, Petaling Jaya.
Duration of activity: 2 hours (on 10th January 2010, Sunday from 8am to 10am)
This activity is free for participants and open to people of all ages and background. It will be suitable for family members to participate.

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