EPSM was founded at a public meeting held at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur on 11 January 1974 by a group of Malaysians concerned about protecting the environment. It is a membership-based national organization, run by an elected Executive Committee on an entirely voluntary, non-profit basis.

  • To prevent environmental deterioration as a result of human activities
  • To control human activities that contribute towards deterioration of our environment
  • To inititate measures for the improvement of our environment
  • To increase public awareness about the state of our environment


EPSM has highlighted environmental problems through the mass media, made representation to government agencies, campaigned against polluters, undertaken surveys and studies, and contributed towards environmental education and awareness through talks, forums, seminars and its publication, Alam Sekitar.

Our record of campaigns include the following. Through networking and collaboration with both government and non-government bodies, we have contributed to various successful campaigns focusing on Endau-Rompin, Batu Caves, Tembeling National Park, Papan, Bakun Dam, the Societies Act Amendments and the Environment Impact Assesment. EPSM has also monitored the Environmental Quality Act 1974 and its subsequent regulation.


In terms of representation, EPSM is currently represented on a wide range of bodies including the Environmental Quality Council, National Habitat Committee, National Steering Committee on Local Agenda 21 and the Construction Industry Development Board’s Technical Committee for best Environmental Practices.


We are linked to other NGOs through MENGO, a platform of Malaysian Environmental Non-Government Organisations which brings together environmental NGOs in Malaysia in the interests of environmental protection.

- Working towards a Better Environment since 1974 -